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Plumbing and Mechanical

No matter, big or small, AH Jordan Plumbing & Mechanical can take care of it all!

Who We Are
Commercial Services

Business to Business Services

AH Jordan offers complete commercial sewer and drain cleaning and plumbing repair services.

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Residential Services

Come home to quality

Most homeowners are surprised to find out that their plumbing system equals up to 15% of the value of their homes! This is an investment well worth protecting. At AH Jordan Plumbing & Mechanical, we can help with regularly schedule maintenance for your entire plumbing system including pipes, fixtures and appliances.

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Emergency Plumbing Services

Plumbing and heating emergencies are frustrating and nerve–wrecking. Not to worry, we offer a convenient solution to your inconvenient problem!

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What We Do

Remodeling Services

Home remodeling can be one of the most trying experiences a homeowner may live through, especially when it comes to remodeling the kitchen or bath.

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Grease Trap and Liquid Waste Pumping

Our company cleans grease traps, sewage pits and properly disposes of liquid and solid waste.

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Pipe Repair and Replacement

We provide any and all types of PVC, cast iron, copper piping-sizes ?” and up. We install and replace piping indoors, outdoors, underground, garages, as well as in ceilings and floors.

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Why Choose Us

We Value Your Satisfaction

We are completely committed to your satisfaction.

Quality is Paramount

We take pride in our professionalism. We realize our customers rely on us to treat their homes as a consummate professional would.

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We Got You Covered

No matter, big or small, AH Jordan Plumbing & Mechanical can take care of it all!

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Helpful Hints


Corrosive drain cleaners, such as those on supermarket shelves, frequently cause injury to plumbers or homeowners when they open pipes or sink traps to…

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Water Heaters

According to the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association, it takes only ? second to scald someone in 150?F water, one second in 140?F water and…

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Frequent furnace filter changes ensures that your furnace is operating at full efficiency as saves money as well. Change your filter at least twice…

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